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If you are looking for the right live casino, then you have come to the right place. You’ll find live casinos that offer the most popular games like live blackjack, roulette and punto banco. With English speaking dealers and croupiers. Play different variations and with different betting limits. Also get an attractive casino bonus when you play live casino games at live casinos for the first time.

live dealer casino sites

By playing at a live casino site you can follow real images on your computer screen while playing. Cameras that are perfectly installed in the land casinos will focus on the dealers or croupiers. If you want to gamble excitingly, but don’t want to leave the door, the live casino is the perfect place. You can usually play three top games in a live online casino.

Camera Images

The camera images of the live casino games will always be displayed correctly. Because they use the best quality stuff you can enjoy 100% realistic images. When you start playing, the dealer or croupier will be in the picture, when rounds are played, the camera is zoomed in on the cards at blackjack or the ball at roulette. You can see perfectly which cards you are receiving, or where the ball will end up when you play an exciting game like roulette online live. Are you a fanatical casino player? Have you always dreamed of a real arcade in your living room? This is the ideal place to get close to your ideal fantasies and make them come true at the live casinos.


There are various functions available on the gaming tables at the live casino online. For example, in blackjack you can see a time limit meter running so that you know when you can place bets on the betting areas. With live roulette play, this is the same as with live roulette so you know until when you can place a bet on a slot on the gaming table.

Bet Limit

The betting limit of a live casino is different. You can make your own choice at the relevant live casino with how much bet you are going to play in each round of play. There are high bet tables, but also low bet tables for beginning casino players. Something for everyone, and an exciting, unique casino experience for everyone!

Feels Like Being in a Real Casino

By watching real images and seeing other players walking around the land-based casino itself, you will get a real casino feel when gambling live. Being interactively involved by the real dealers & croupiers will make you play much more concentrated. You’ll feel like you’re in a real casino while you’re just gambling from your own home on the most popular card and table games. Playing more realistically than in a live casino online is nowhere to be found.

Live dealer blackjack

At a live casino, you have live dealers available to play blackjack. The casino game blackjack in live form brings real images from the land based casino. Cameras are focused on the dealers who follow all actions perfectly.

Live croupier roulette

If you play live roulette you will also meet the live croupiers. They will throw the ball into the roulette wheel and let you enjoy a beautiful design from the real casino. Let yourself be surprised by the tasteful atmosphere and charming croupiers.

Live Casino Bonus

You will receive a live casino bonus when you play for the first time. You can sign up through the most reliable casino portal to benefit from additional percentages on top of your deposit. These are deposit bonuses, free bonuses or bonuses available for regular customers. This way, you can also benefit if you’ve been playing at the casino for a while, and you can, for example, earn points for free money bonuses.

Frequently asked Questions about the Live Casino

Discover important information about the live casino by carefully reviewing the frequently asked questions. Find out what the advantages of live casino games are and why it’s worth trying out your favorite game with a live dealer or croupier.

What are the Advantages of a Live Casino?

The reason why the online gambling industry has become so popular is because of the fact that live casinos have also been introduced, where you can play in real-time with live dealers. This option allows you to experience a fully authentic atmosphere as if you were playing in a real casino. You can follow all the actions of the dealers. In addition, they are trained professional dealers who can assure players that the game will be played in the right way. But what are the benefits of it all?

The Benefits of Live Casinos:

  • Enjoy live casino games anytime and anywhere
  • Play from home and still experience the real casino feeling
  • Better loyalty programs for returning players
  • Advanced technology protects personal information
  • Live chat function to communicate is present

Is it Possible to Play for Free?

Playing free live casino games is not possible in every casino. The most reputable live casinos may allow you to watch other players without a player account. Some operators will require you to register an account before you can watch. And a deposit is also required if you want to gamble for real money.

What are the Best known Games?

The best known of all the games in the live casino are of course live roulette and live blackjack. But you also have another familiar game that you’ll almost always find in live casinos and that’s the live punto banco game. Sometimes you can hit it as a live baccarat. Several variants of these well-known games have been made available. From live roulette alone you can try out more than dozens of variations. Enough choice if you want to play a live casino game on the internet!

What does the Software offer?

The software and infrastructure to support live casino games have been developed by several software companies. Some only have live casino solutions such as Evolution Gaming, while Playtech or Microgaming have also focused on other types of games such as video slots, table games and scratch cards. Because some companies have fully immersed themselves in the live casino world, they can also provide more beautiful products. Evolution Gaming is currently one of the best software for live casinos.

Other examples are:

Media Live
Amaya Gaming
Actual Gaming

Where are the Casino Games streamed?

The casino games are mainly streamed by the software companies themselves and not by the casino that offers the games. The images are streamed from land-based casinos and self-built live casino studios. See below where the best known casino software companies stream their games.

Microgaming has locations in Canada, the Philippines and Argentina.
Playtech has studios in Latvia and an Asian studio located in the Philippines.
Evolution Gaming has large live studios, including in Murcia (Spain) and their largest in Riga (Latvia).
Visionary iGaming has a live casino studio in Costa Rica.
Net Entertainment has its own studios in Malta.

Can the Live Dealers see Me?

No. The live dealers can’t watch you. All they can see is your player name. And, of course, they also keep a close eye on whether you have any questions. You can ask them via the chat window.


There are a number of other rating sites where you can also find plenty of information about live casino software, where to play and which live casinos offer attractive casino bonuses. Hopefully you’ll have found enough information on our website and can finally visit a live casino for yourself and take advantage of extra playing credit at the gaming tables!